Art In The Movie Wasteland

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Art. What is it? Since a young age, I never found art highly important to me. I thought of it as weird strokes and lines. I created this definition of art because I never understood the meaning behind it. For some people, art may mean nothing. For others, it might be their world. But how does one reach that point where they realize the significance of art in their life? Art is seen in a vast majority of our life. Although we may not see it or appreciate it, it’s there. Once its entity is acknowledged, many new things could arise from that observation. Not only did I learn what art is but I gained a new found perspective towards it from viewing the film Wasteland. In the documentary Wasteland (2010), directed by Lucy Walker, there is an uprising…show more content…
These portraits were made out of bottle caps and dirt; in order to mimic famous historical paintings like The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David (Wasteland). When the group of catadores began Muniz’s project, they were confused as to what they were creating. As the camera pans across the room, the pickers began to notice that the garbage is molding into a shape. Once the first project is complete, the camera gives an aerial view of the work, showing that they have created a portrait of the pickers. Catadore, Tiao’s portrait mimicked The Death of Marat. When Tiao viewed his portrait while standing with Muniz, he covers his mouth with his hands and takes a step back in awe. Alongside Tiao, other catadores were excited and socked after seeing their image because they didn’t realize they could make a work of art out of recyclables. This observation strengthened the picker’s appreciation for art because they were able to use the trash, something apart of their everyday lives and transform it into an…show more content…
I learned that a piece of art has a story behind it, even if it is just lines and squiggles. The catadores learned to appreciate art but what purpose does it have? This project created a life changing experience for the catadores. It gave them motivation and they all aspired towards achieving their goals. The profit the catadores received from this project helped them move onto greater things. Isis remarried and left Jardin Gramacho. Zumbi opened up a library and school. Others used money to support their family. The catadores had found a significance of art which successfully altered their
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