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Art Inspired by the French Revolution 1
Art Inspired by the French Revolution
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The French revolution began in the late 18th century. It started out quite peacefully when commoners, feeling oppressed by the Monarchy and high society, began to challenge tax reformation proposed by the King’s ministers. They joined together to form a National Assembly in order to lobby for their own rights. However, within a few weeks events took for a bloodier turn. The time ahead would not only change the political climate of France but also lead to …show more content…

The National Assembly had just been established and had set out to convene in order to form their own constitution. Unfortunately, as they arrived at their meeting hall they encountered royal guards and locked doors preventing their entry. Having no other choice, the deputies of the National Assembly gathered at a nearby indoor tennis court.
Here, a crowd of 577 deputies took a pledge to stay together until they were able to compose and implement their own constitution. This moment can be seen in Jacques-Louis David’s
Neoclassical drawing, The Oath of the Tennis Court (The Tennis Court Oath, n.d.).
Art Inspired by the French Revolution 3
(David, 1791).
The author of this momentous pledge, Emmanuel Sieyes, is in the center of the picture and stands on top of a table above the other deputies. Almost all of them are reaching towards him appearing to take the oath as he is in the process of reading it aloud. A lot of them are even clamoring on top of one another to show their dedication to the assembly’s cause.

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