Art Integration Reflection Paper

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Reflection 1 The first day of class was very exciting. My first class at USF and my first class in the teaching program. Almost expected in a “creative experience for child” I walked in to examine a variety of art supplies and a variety of students. That first day the class explored what is real “art’s integration”. Art’s integration to me had always meant that the school address art. I had thought that if the school were to simply add some type of art class it would count as integrating art into the school curriculum. However, I now know that art integration equally addresses the academia with the creative process and art forms. In the beginning of class we created drawings that depicted areas of ourselves and our lives. Little did I…show more content…
As the classes have gone on we have grown in our understanding of our roles in the group. More specifically, the Round Robin questions and the rotating group positions have helped us fit into a productive and fun pattern. Overall, I feel more comfortable with the entire class now than from day one. One of my favorite parts of the class is how everyone has something very unique about them that shows up in their art. It is interesting to really see firsthand and experience the SOE Disposition 6 in real life. Although we focused on different information the second and third classes were pretty similar in feeling and reflection to me. My schedule was starting to feel normal and I was starting to deeper understand the art vocabulary. Reading the packets handed out in class and the assigned reading really helped develop a sense of understanding into the importance and meaning of art’s integration. What struck me the most interesting was the way in which art’s integration really influences the child. Not only is it implementing fun, art, and the creative process, but it really strengthens a child’s confidence and acceptance. Even myself in the class am starting to feel more comfortable talking in front of people, and now I know why. Art is letting students use the full extent of the creative process. They don’t have to be afraid of being wrong, and they find out that the other students are in the same shoes as themselves. Now
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