Art Intergration in Education

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It is a priceless way of expressing yourself and understanding those around you. There are some things that can only be expressed through a form of art, whether it be music, paintings, film, or writing. Art not only teaches us about ourselves and emotions, but it uses a different part of our brain to put our art into effect. Art is essential for our lives and therefore is fundamental to include in our education. The topic for my argument is saving the arts in education and why it is important and necessary for students to have arts implemented into their schooling. My policy claim is “continue using the same funding that schools have been using for arts otherwise students learn differently without arts.” My research questions needed for this argument included: Why is art important for education? as well as, How do the arts affect learning? In order to learn more and gain more adequate information I also asked the following questions: What are the mental and cognitive benefits to arts in education?, How much would it really take to keep the arts?, and What effects have taken place since the arts have been cut? Integrating arts in education has been a topic over the last few decades. However, saving the art programs in education is a more recent issue within the last 8-10 years as school budgets have tightened and as well as the…

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