Art Is A Catalyst Of Change

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Art is a catalyst of change. It can confront both social and political issues as well as providing people with a creative outlet in which they can express their innermost thoughts and feelings - but what effect can art have on our society as a whole? Artists today have the unique ability to connect with people in a creative, innovative way that they can understand and interpret themselves. With this ability, artists are able to express their own views as well as influencing the views of others. Art is an immense part of our world – so much so that we barely even consider its impact upon us – but just how significant is the work of artists in our modern day society? It is believed that, in society, we can be controlled by art and it can be used as a weapon to dictate the way we think and view things. Jazz composer and artistic director Tim Hagans states that people are afraid of artists; they possess the power to encourage open-mindedness, individuality, and celebrate the importance of freedom of thought. “That is why in any repressive movement, it is the artists, regardless of their race, ethnicity or religious affiliation that are neutralised first” he told the World Artist Network. This, in terms of historical evidence, is true. When Italy was under fascist rule (1922-1943), Prime Minister Benito Mussolini ordered nationwide censorship and supervision of all art: radio stations, newspapers, cinema etc were all monitored to ensure that they did not criticise the state and
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