Art Is A Waste Of Time

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Art is a waste of time. The tragedy of that statement has been circulated for years on end ever since the renaissance era fled from this world. What people fail to realize is that art is just like math. You may not think it is necessary but we still unconsciously use it in our everyday lives. The growing epidemic here is that the school systems have depleted the need to learn about creativity and self expression, mostly due to money and budget cuts. For the schools who do have art classes available to them, people view the class as unnecessary, and a class where people enroll in if they can’t pick an elective or a major. They undermine the artistic world but what society doesn’t realize is that art is all around them. Art isn’t just putting a pen to a piece of paper. Art is love, expression, and creativity for the passionate mind. It’s also a way to make your thoughts into things, to bring the non-existent into reality, and to leave a mark of something no one else can ever reproduce because the artist has made it into their own unique vision. As simple and irrelevant as art may sound to the common ear, it’s not a subject to be taken lightly. Art should be a bigger part in today’s school systems. Not does art help the mind develop the brain for more critical learning subjects like reading, writing, and literacy, a way to learn about different culture, but art is also a way to channel emotions and use it as a form of coping. For “Students who don’t have access to art classes

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