Art Is Not Considered An Academic

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Although art is not considered an “academic” subject by some, I am certain that art is important to all students’ education because it promotes creative thoughts, teaches students to celebrate individual uniqueness and gives historical and cultural perspective. I myself, being a student, have always enjoyed my art classes more than any other, and sometimes it is my only reason for going to school at all. Even though I am not very skilled at it, I remember asking myself, why are we not able to attend these classes more than once a week? And although I may enjoy it because it feels like a break from all the other rigorous learning in other classes, I only recently realized how much I was still learning from it. With the growing minds of children art is especially important for them to learn. What do I mean by art? Art by definition is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”. –merriam webster A lot of things can be considered art. There are in fact 13 categories of art: acting, announcing, architecture, fine art, directing, animation, dancing and choreography, design, entertainment and performance, music and singing, photography, production, and writing. All of these are equally as important to human development and learning as are the core curriculums of math, sciences, English, and all others enforced at schools. *insert quotes from interview with sally and daughter* Among other things it
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