Art Is The Flower That Blossoms My Ideas Into Process

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Untitled Art is the flower that blossoms my ideas into process. It guides me through the journey that is my life and allows me to explore myself through each piece I produce. As an artist, I am continuously etching the surface of life in pursuit of a deeper understanding. I seek a personal creative awakening and enlightenment through my endless pursuit of knowledge. While reflecting upon my creative intent, I found it difficult to come up with the words for what motivates me to design. I found that this strong desire is linked very closely to my upbringing. As a child, I was constantly pushed to my breaking point. My parents expected nothing less than perfection and art was the only outlet in which I could define my own standards of perfection. I learned to create to overcome personal obstacles to better comprehend my artistic trek. To grasp the grandeur of my artistic catalysts, I have expressed them in a unified symbol entitled Untitled. Because my mind operates visually, most of my thoughts and ideas are better expressed as images and feelings rather than words. Therefore, I choose not to title most of my artwork. Although I feel that words can often be a more powerful art form than images, I create my work with the intent of it having its own voice. I believe art is an experience and should be an open dialogue between the artist and the observer. By removing the title, I feel that there is a greater possibility for a more thought provoking discussion about the piece

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