Art Is The Mirror Of Culture And Its Worldview

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Art is the mirror of culture and its worldview. Nowhere is this fact does not apply better than the art of the Islamic world. Here are not only reflects cultural values but shows view of the spiritual world, the universe, life and relationship particles against a whole. To understand Islamic art, a term of art should be considered from a different point of view than it does the Western world. In Islam, art and religion are closely linked but within the strict rule, it leaves each other enough freedom that allows artists to produce art without breaking the law of Islam. “God is beautiful and loves beauty,” said Muhammad before about 1400 years.1 These hadiths have an incentive Muslims to decorate and embellish their places of worship, homes, and even everyday items. The emphasis in Islamic art is the ornamentation, rather than art for art 's sake. The term " Islamic art " describes not only the art that was created to serve for religious purposes, but also art and architecture in Muslim countries, made for the rulers of the Muslims by Muslim artists. As Islam is not just a religion but a way of life, it encourages the development of different cultures with unique artistic expression that is reflected in art and architecture worldwide. Islamic art was created in the seventh century on the peninsula of Arabia, from where it spread to northern Africa, India and Spain. Islamic art can be divided according to the dynasties. It is distinguished between the art of Umayyads ,
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