Art Media Analysis Essay

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I. Art Media Analysis

This both sculpture is of a man, one is looking at a direction, while one is in the middle of a swinging motion. Both sculptures is are made of marble. Marble is “metamorphic rock derived from limestone, composed mostly of calcite”. Back then marble was commonly used in a lot of the sculptures that were made. In the Michelangelo sculpture of David, he is holding something in the lower shoulder, looking at a certain direction. In the Gianlorenzo sculpture, David is holding a weapon, while having a different kind of emotion than Michelangelo’s David. Both sculptures would have taken a long time to do, each one is very detailed, and has their own personal meaning behind why they are the way they are.

II. Style Characteristics
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Another thing that both sculptures have in common is the name of the sculpture, both received the name David. Both Michelangelo and Gianlorenzo got the image from the Old testament in the First Book of Samuel. The same person, just a different view of how this person really was. Not knowing anything about either of theses sculpture makes everyone forget what the real reason these sculptures are made. Soon after being fully made David, became a symbol of “defense of civil liberties embodied in the Republic of Florence”. Another thing that is instantly noticeable is that both of them are made of marble.
One difference if that one of the sculptures is of a man nude, while the other has a piece of clothing covering more of his body. This would be because Gianlorenzo pictured David of being a more Militarily type of fighter, rather than just being nude like Michelangelo did. Gianlorenzo was more detailed about his sculpture. He made sure that Davids face was more full of anger and violence than just staring at a certain area.
Michelangelo version of David pose is more of the thought that, he had just decided he was going to fight Goliath, while Gianlorenzo version is David during the
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