Art Movements From 17th 20th Century

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Final Exam: Art Movements from 17th-20th Century Art plays important part of mankind throughout our whole existences. During each period of time art has its own movements; the art style of the tendency in art committed by group of artists with common philosophy during a restricted period of time. Throughout the 17th to 20th centuries there are hundreds art movements that contribute to human purposes. Baroque Art, Romanticism, Art Nouveau, Dadaism, and Art Deco are some of the popular art movements during the 17th – 20th century. The Baroque Art movement followed an extreme technical and philosophical advancement art period of the Renaissance. Baroque Art was once perceived as the reaction against the formulaic, precise, and intricate Renaissance art. Now the style is known as a distinctive style emerged during the early 1600s. Baroque artists embraced the arts that are direct and emotionally intense. Extending spatial qualities, dramatic lighting effects and composition are also the characteristics of the Baroque Art. One of the greatest example of the movement was Caravaggio’s Conversion of Saint Paul. Caravaggio combines naturalism with dramatic representation. The figures clearly influenced by the Renaissance tradition with the twist of his own style. He injected naturalism into both religion and the classics and reducing them to human dramas. Caravaggio uses perspective, chiaroscuro, and the melodramatic lighting as the device to direct the viewers’ eyes directly into…
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