Art Museum And Its Effects On Sexual History

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Attending the world 's largest erotic art museum has encouraged me to view sexuality with a more opened minded perception. Sexuality is very diverse for instance, in the way sexual acts are performed and carried out. Historically, it seems that individuals are biologically and genetically programmed to seek out sexual behaviors with others. Either for the means of reproduction or their own personal pleasure, but one thing is very evident sex is pleasurable and enjoyable for most. However, cultural restraints have had the biggest effect on sexual history and throughout the museum that is a fundamental element of human sexuality that is apparent in the many paintings and sculptures. The entire collection properly displays sexuality through the race, culture, religion, political affiliations, and historical time. It was exhilarating to observe many artist viewpoints of sexual behavior. For instance, in the lithograph, titled "Garden of Earthly Delights", by Hieronymous Bosch, in 1500 A.D. the portrait portrayed elements of the earth entwined with sexuality. A fascinating aspect is that humans and animals are sexual creatures, and the earth represents the land and the basis for which all sexual behaviors are carried on. It is also interesting that the piece not only represents behaviors occurring at day, but also at night, and the elements within the picture such as the colors utilized are very representative of the artist perception within the cultural norms of that time.
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