Art Museum Of Fort Worth Texas

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This influence and style continued at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth Texas. Louis Kahn is a modern architect that designed the Kimbell Art Museum. Kahn emerged from the Beaux-Arts movement but became one of the foremost American Modernist architects of the 1950’s and 60’s (Kimball, 1990). Kahn created a building for the Kimbell Art Museum that also complimented the art and did not distract the viewer (Kimball, 1990). He was commissioned to design the Kimbell Art Museum from 1966-1972). “Kahn’s museums are individual to the point of idiosyncrasy, yet they remain transparent to the works of the art they house (Kimball, 1990).” The Yale University Art Gallery, designed by Kahn, has an intimate studio feel as employed at the Museum of Modern Art (Binns, 2004 p. 17). Kahn also utilized similar materials that Goodwin and Stone incorporated. The Yale University Art Gallery is made of large pieces of glass and steel (Binns, 2004, p. 17). Many of the materials used at Kahn’s three museums are glass, steel, concrete, and brick (Eliasoph, 2009, p. 317). During the 2005 remodeling, the team attempts at restoring much of Kahn’s original design elements at it considers it a very important part of architectural history (Binns, 2004, p. 17). As a modernist, Kahn also used flexible gallery walls at the Kimbell Art Museum. “Kahn’s innovative pogo-wall panels are also being re-introduced for the display of artwork (Eliasoph, 2009, 317).” The walls did not have any
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