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CRN 71523 - ONLINE Valeriia Baumgard Museum Report – The J. Paul Getty Museum Vincent van Gogh – Irises, 1889, oil on canvas Perhaps illness so influenced the artistic style of Van Gogh, but the picture turned out completely different to all that the artist wrote so far. This is not a Van Gogh, who was known. In the canvas, there is tension, anxiety, dense colors and warm shades of olive-mustard. On the contrary, here there is some kind of lightness, airiness, and transparent weightlessness. On the manner of execution, the pattern resembles Japanese prints: iris field full of peace, a lightness, and transparency. "Irises" are simple and unique, they are striking in their serenity and the ability to remove the internal stress of everyone who saw at least reproduction. Painting simply breathes watercolor, translucency and make to look at it more than one hour. In the painting "Irises" Van Gogh portrayed the part of the field, very often dotted with flowers. Here we see not only the iris, which gave the name of a masterpiece, but also other colors. Of course, the irises are central to the composition. There is no background, but warm soft shades of the earth depicted blurred stripes and a warming glow beds of flowers. That glow enters with a picture of the outside world and gives it visibility and tenderness. Using different shades of green, yellow and purple colors, he creates a real rhythm of lines properly attached in drawing completeness. Rich and gentle at the same time
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