Art Museum - S.W.O.T. Analysis Essay

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S.W.O.T. Analysis

The S.W.O.T. analysis for the Cinicinnati Art Museum is what gives the viewer the information to easily see what is wrong and isn’t wrong with the museum, while providing information on possibilities the museum can capitalize on and what threats could harm the museum. The strengths were not hard to identify. I identified six different ones, all self-explanatory. Free admission, membership purchases, host of traveling exhibits, host of special events (weddings, parties, etc.), the museum is located in a popular area of Cincinnati (Mt. Adams), and they have an expansive art collection (60,000 pieces of work). All of these are huge postives for the art museum that can be capitalized on if done properly. The
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There are opportunities though, and they are good opportunities. I was able to identify three that they should pay attention to and really hit hard on. In today’s economy, people aren’t wanting to spend a lot of money. The recession is making people be a lot more conscious about money. Good news, the museum is free. If marketed properly, this could be a huge way to gain new visitors. Plus, art museums have sophisticated connotations that make people feel smart when they go to them. What better way to spend the day than to go somewhere that is free and feel sophisticated? Another opportunity is that new exhibits could attract younger demographics, pending on the exhibit. This could be tricky though because they want to attract everyone, but older crowds are interested in things that younger generations aren’t. They have to be able to balance the attractions so everyone can relate to it and want to view it. When it comes to threats, there aren’t many. There are mainly two, competition and free admission. Competition is obviously a threat because when people think to go somewhere or bring there kids somewhere and they don’t think of the art museum, that is a visitor lost. They need to be the first place someone thinks of when they think “free” and “informative”, and frankly, they aren’t for the most part. The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal and the Children’s Museum have the top of mind awareness that the
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