Art N Autism Analysis

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Art ‘n Autism is a non-profit organization is Tuscaloosa, Alabama that focuses on children or adults with autism to help promote social skills and well as an interactive learning environment. While at Art ‘n Autism, has numerous classes and activities that the students rotate through during the week and each day. These activities include: art, music, yoga, social skills, play time, and snack. The kids are dropped off in the afternoon by their caregivers and spend three hours switching activities with children in their chronological and developmental ages. The classroom settings that I specifically worked in was art, yoga, and the sprouts classroom. The first two times I went to volunteer I was put in the art classroom and I loved it. This…show more content…
Speech Pathology is a field that is broad in the since of job opportunities, but narrow when it comes to specialization. Working and providing therapy for people with ASD is not a rare occurrence for an SLP. I know for myself I have worked with numerous places and people were ASD is not uncommon for me. After working at Arts ‘n Autism it gives me motivation to dive deeper into this specialization and to learn all that I can about this special population. ASD can come is various forms and no two people have the same deficiencies or sensory preferences, and that is intriguing to me. As a SLP I want to know the ins and outs of my field and also my clients. I want to know the best way to treat and care for them why they are in my session. Their goals need to be tailored to them and not just for the whole ASD population. Working at Arts ‘n Autism has shifted my perspective on how to work the most efficiently to improve my client’s capabilities and ultimately his or her quality of life. I want to be an advocate for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and serve them to the best of my ability. I have seen how professionals must handle hard conversations with parents that are always for the best interest of the child. Also, I want to undergo all of the training to learn the legal and correct actions when restraining a child and things of that nature. I just realized that I was not equipped to do that, so I want to be able to all that I can in places like Art ‘n
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