Art: Nutrition for the Mind

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The wonders of the mind never cease. The mind is like a thumb print; there isn’t a single pair of minds alike in the world. That is what makes the world such an amazing and unique place to live in; so many different perspectives combining into one idea. Yet, that one idea can have so many different meanings to each and every person. Different experiences shape the way the mind works and how it analyzes situations and objects. For people to get the most out of their mind, they have to challenge it, give it something new to analyze. One way to do that is involvement in fine arts. The arts can be crucial to developing new theories and the best time to learn these skills of analysis is when the brain is still developing. Therefore, fine arts…show more content…
Sometimes, just concentrating on music will make you forget about your troubles and allow your mind to relax. The same holds true with painting or drawing. Colors used in paintings reflect the mood of the artist. It also helps release the stress because expressing it in a visual way helps the person take control of whatever is causing the stress. Through music and art, people can feel free to express themselves and their problems without it becoming destructive (Times of India). In Russia, the Chechen people were being attacked and bombed by Russia in 2000. Homes were destroyed and many people were left homeless. Many Chechen refugee children were sent to a refugee camp in Ingushetia, Russia. As therapy, the children would draw and paint their feelings and many would depict what they saw of the war. It helped the children with the trauma of their ordeal (Weir). In Lebanon, other children affected by a war were treated with the same therapy. Many of the children are now painting pictures that show a bright future rather than a world plagued by war (Daily Star). Art holds some very therapeutic qualities. Whether it is for children affected by wars or the everyday stress of a student, art is a healthy and helpful class and all students should be required to take it. Second, taking art classes develops cognitive skills. New research developments in cognitive science and neuroscience help to explain this.

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