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Semaje Sherman Prof. Shelly Baul Orientation in Art-06 November 28, 2016 Museum - The MET Celebrating the Arts of Japan: The mary Griggs Burke Collection Walking through the journey of Japanese arts in the Met’s new exhibition, “Celebrating the Arts of Japan, the collection by Mary Griggs Burke. The exhibition features works such as an exceedingly rare Jiz, Bosatsu sculpture signed by the sculptor Kaikei, and other pieces of Buddhist art. Also, Shinto iconography. Its opening coincides with Asia, it is the Met’s celebration of the Department of Asian Arts. This exhibition of Japanese works of art is at The MET. The exhibition opened fall of 2016. In this exhibition, that is featuring works of art drawn from the recent landmark gift to the Museum by the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation. Which opened on October 20th, is a tribute to the discerning New York City collector who built what is widely regarded as the finest and most encompassing and private collection outside Japan. The works on the exhibition will includepaintings, sculpture, ceramics, calligraphy, lacquerware, and so more from the 10th to the 20th century. Among the highlights are a powerful representation of the Buddhist deity Fud & My, from the studio of the celebrated sculptor Kaikei, a sumptuous set of early 17th-century screens showing Uji Bridge from Kyoto, and It ?Jakuch? 's tour-de-force ink painting of plum blossoms in full bloom illuminated by Moonlight. I think this was organized by a theme and

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