Art Of Most Nurses ' Daily Reality Is Nursing Handover

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art of most nurses’ daily reality is nursing handover. Handover happens at least twice in a 24hour interval and is defined as ‘the transfer of professional responsibility and accountability for some or all aspects of care for a patient, or group of patients, to another person or professional group on a temporary or permanent basis’(British Medical Association,2004) During handover important information about patients and their clinical status is imparted. The primary role of nursing handover is ensuring and maintaining continuity of care. Provided this information is communicated effectively patient safety is preserved. The purpose of this project is to gain new knowledge regarding common practices at handover, identify the most effective methods of sharing information, contrast and compare them. Furthermore, the overall aim is to highlight areas for improvement and make recommendations for future practice in order to maintain patient safety.
Discuss the motivation for the work
(From something you experienced during a practice placement?)
After I finished high school I worked for a multi-level marketing company which insisted on the process of communication between individuals, considering this process as essential for the success in merchandise selling and team-building. This sparked my interest in the communication process between individuals and I became keener to learn about the effects of good/bad communication on every human interaction.
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