Art Of Persuasion: Political Propaganda From Aeneas To Brutus

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Art has been used as a powerful medium for centuries and many rulers used art as propaganda. Before plunging deeper into this topic we need to examine the meaning of propaganda. Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread to help or harm a person, group, institution, etc. “In defining propaganda first, one can properly identify not only its power over people, but the usefulness it holds it holds in art.” Arbor, Ann. The Art of Persuasion: Political Propaganda from Aeneas to Brutus. U of Michigan, 1992. Print.
Ramesses The Great was the best at propaganda. He was only 5 ½ feet tall but according to his plentiful monuments, he was larger than life. But this was furthest from the truth. He was portrayed seated among the Gods
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