Art Of Racing In The Rain Analysis

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In Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, Enzo’s epiphany was that being selfish is the way for a racer to win was proven wrong. In this scene, Enzo is listening to his owner, Denny, having a conversation with his wife Eve about the racing competition that he finished. Denny however, wasn’t able to finish the race due to a minor accident. Enzo heard something that Denny said that reminded him of a lesson for racing. “If it was anybody's fault Denny said “it was mine for being where I could get collected.” This is something I'd heard him say before: getting angry at another for a driving incident pointless. You need to watch drivers around you understand their skill confidence and aggression levels, and drive with them accordingly. (Stein 91) This evidence shows how Enzo remembered on what Denny said about driving. This is a very important skill to remember when your racing. It tells you that you can't be selfish when racing. In a way you have to look out for others people before yourself in order to win the race. Enzo uses this to realize that you can be selfish driving because when you do you become too distracted and will end up losing. When Enzo said it was pointless, it gave the definition of this word its actual meaning. It was pointless for Denny to get angry because it can cause the lost of the race. It could also mean it is pointless to be selfish and unaware of your surroundings.
Another piece of evidence is when Enzo narrates and gives information about how race
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