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Art Appreciation Art cannot be classified into one category, style, or period. Art is very diverse, ranging from the beginning of the human being to today. Through the years, art has evolved dramatically from stick figures and two dimensional animals to three dimensional sculptures and intricate paintings. The artwork featured at the Seattle Art Museum shows many different types of art and features several different periods in which these artworks were created. Two pieces of art that stuck out the most at the museum was Albert Bierstadt’s Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast and Robert Arneson’s Pool with Splash. Both of these pieces of art showed character and seemed to almost speak to the viewer. Although there are many different periods…show more content…
The pool that Robert formed using the ceramic media is three dimensional in form and is closely shaped like a lima bean. The “water” of the pool, is made up of many different pieces of ceramic and has several different shades of blue and green. In order to represent the movement of water within the pool, Robert used complimentary blues and greens together and slightly swirled them to make it look close to how water moves. Each piece of the pools water fits together like a tight puzzle. They are numbered so that the colors and shapes can be set together perfectly while on display. In the center of the pool, is a large white ceramic “splash”. Robert gave this piece curves and form to represent the splash of water as if someone was jumping into the pool and creating a huge backsplash. The edge of Roberts Pool with Splash is created to look like the cement barrier that contains the water of the pool. He formed each piece to look like a block which forms the shape of the lima bean pool. These parts of his masterpiece do not have the glazy appearance that the water pieces give. The Pool with Splash by Robert Arneson really shows and represents how a pool in someone’s backyard would look on a hot summer day. The group that Robert was in featured pop art in many of their pieces. With his Pool with Splash, Robert put the style of pop art into the pool. He wanted
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