Art Piece 2 : Arch Of Titus

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Art piece 2: Arch of Titus
Dated: This art piece was dated
Basic outline: Titus emperor who died Built by his bro, Domitian Triumphal arch Passageway on Sacred Way Inscriptions, friezes telling war stories.
Details: The domitian built this arch on the road leading into the Roman Forum to honor his brother, the emperor Titus, who became a god after his death. Victories fill the spandrels of the arcuated passageway. Freestanding/ triumphal arch
Material: The concrete and white marble, (originally topped with bronze statue), made of concrete (with volcanic ash-allows piece to be underwater/dry quicker) and faced with marble
Color: The arch of Titus is white
Shape: The monumental structure in the shape of an archway often designed to span road; consists of two massive piers connected by an arch and crowned with entablature attic where a statue may stand on.
Technique: engaged fluted columns frame the passageway spandrels-triangular space between outer curves of arch, depict victories
Form: The faces of the arch are columns in the composite order supporting an entablature, the inscription on the uppermost declares that the Senate and the Roman people erected the monument to honor titus, a relief on the inside depicts Titus ' soldiers flaunting the captured sacred treasures of Jerusalem as they carry it through the streets of Rome the soldiers are headed toward the right and are turned obliquely to project into the viewers own space, this allowing living spectators a sense of…
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