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Arts Appreciation 1301 Chapter 1 Quiz 1. Chapter One opens by describing the work of artist Cai Guo-Qiang. Gunpowder is an unusual material to draw with and the sky is an unusual surface to draw on! What reasons does the artist give for using gunpowder as his drawing material? Cai Guo-Qiang wished to create beauty from something like gunpowder, which is originally considered a force of destruction. 2. On page 3, the author (Sayre p.3) states: “Appreciating art is never just a question of accepting visual stimuli, but also involves intelligently contemplating why and how works of art come to be made and have meaning.” What questions does the author suggest that you ask when viewing and considering a work of art? The author…show more content…
Chapter One selects works of art from a wide variety of cultures and times. What might you not notice about Fig. 1-8, if you did not know that the Mugal ruler Akbar believed that “a synthesis of the world’s faiths would surpass the teachings of any of them.” If I didn’t know that the Mugal ruler Akbar believed that “a synthesis of the world’s faiths would surpass the teaching of any of them” I wouldn’t have noticed that in the painting Jahangir in Dabar there is a variety of faces with different racial and ethnic features. 8. Artist Claude Monet In Fig.1-9, painted the changes that were occurring in Europe during the Industrial Revolution. Many left their agrarian lives for jobs in the city. Monet captures an ambiguity in his painting about the changing world. What might you paint to describe our changing world? I would attempt to capture how far and how fast our technology is changing and growing, and maybe below I would try to combine it with the simplicity of people’s lifestyles before all this technology took over. 9. Would you like a coffin designed by Kane Kwei? If yes, what form might it take? Yes, I might consider it. And if I do, I would like a coffin in shape of a tree with paintings of flowers and birds all around it. 10. After viewing the works of architect Renzo Piano, what are his intentions with the design of the Cultural Center in New Caledonia? Renzo Piano’s intentions are to blend

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