Art Reflection

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For project two I decided to attend the Norton Simon Museum. Some time ago I had seen a friend share several pictures through social media, it consisted of a beautiful garden and distinct art work. After going back and forth in conversation she informed me it was a museum located in Pasadena. At the time I never took the initiative to go despite how intrigued I was through simple pictures however, I moved from Pomona to Pasadena and decided since we had the project coming up it was the perfect occasion to attend. My decision to attended was driven by curiosity of what my city has to offer. In a school field trip, I had the opportunity to attend the Getty Center although it was so long ago that I cannot remember much. I do not have any expectations since I really do not have anything to compare it with, however I do expect to hopefully be able to identify genres of art and maybe even classify around what periods the art belongs to.
The piece of art work in front of me is very similar yet all the same distinct from what I have seen in class. It seems like an ethnic girl or women is kneeling giving her back to the audience holding a bouquet of lilies in what looks like is a field. I decided to discuss this piece because I was drawn to it. I saw several works of art that drew my attention, but none like this one. I like that in a sense I can related to the art work. The way the character of this painting is dressed is very similar to the attire from my culture. As well as the

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