Art Review Essay

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Art Review

If you have some free time and have always wanted to visit an art gallery, a start is the Art Sacré exposition. Just do not expect high quality art. Running from October twenty-third to December eight-teenth at Les Salles de Gesù, the exposition features four artists depicting spirituality and inner self.

The first artist in the exposition is Hannah Alpha. Born in Egypt, she’s a McGill alumni who uses the minimalism style of painting, which is the art of using simplistic design to create maximum impact. The paintings grab your attention due to their abstractness. However they fail to portray the artist’s meaning. Her collection, called “La danse cosmique” (The cosmic dance), is her search to “attain a state of supreme
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Perhaps the only way to understand what Peneault was trying to portray is to ask her personally.

In the next room I came across a very unique and interesting collection of pieces. If you especially like or have any interest in calligraphy, then you are going to love what Hongmo Ren has done. Calling it REN-script, Ren has created what he calls a calligraphy and linguistic “experimentale.” Consisting of seven English and six French pieces, he has combined the art and beauty of calligraphy with writing of equal stature. In ten of his pieces he elaborates on the beauty of nature during various seasons and includes a complete verse from the Book of Genesis. The rest of the pieces are large single word depictions again in calligraphy with intricate detail.

REN-script is definitely the turning point of this art exposition. The use of words by the artist in the poems is lyrical and actually puts you in the place being described. Some of his settings include the sun shining on Mount Royal and the moon reflecting of the St. Laurent River. At times the writing is a bit hard to understand yet the more one stares at it the clearer it becomes. The amount of work the artist put into his pieces is evident when you examine the detail using ink on rice paper.

Inner self is the main theme of the next and final artist in this exhibition. Using paper molds