Art Spiegelman Maus Essay

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Art Spiegelman writes Maus to depict the events of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Spiegelman uses a comic book medium to portray his father’s experiences in Auschwitz which is a very unusual way to write about a serious topic. Art Spiegelman reveals the true terror and horror of the Holocaust in Maus through firsthand accounts and experiences to enhance and convey a deeper meaning along with visual representations to intensify the story in a whole new way where the reader can have a more understandable approach to the events of the comic book. Spiegelman’s way of depicting the Holocaust through a comic book is completely acceptable because of the comic book’s visual experiences, and firsthand account evidence that allows the reader to interpret the book in their creative way to have a more sophisticated interpretation and understanding than with a traditional book. Spiegelman also writes using visuals to show the meaning and terror behind his words that…show more content…
The others had to jump in the graves while still they were alive… prisoners what worked there poured gasoline over the live ones and the dead ones” (Spiegelman Maus II). This adds to the conclusion that it is acceptable to write in a comic book medium because, in this situation, the reader interprets this specific artwork in their own way where they can feel the emotion and terror as if they could hear the prisoner’s screams. Also, the reader does not have to visualize the image in their thoughts, instead Spiegelman presents the reader with an image to think about. An additional example would be when Vladek tells Artie how the Germans would take kids, and how sometimes the Germans did awful things to these kids. Spiegelman writes, “most they took were kids-some only 2 or 3 years. Some kids were screaming and screaming. They couldn’t stop. So the Germans swinged them by the legs against a wall,
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