Art Student At The Brunel University Of London England

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ou were finally here, LONDON. You were a art student at the Brunel University of London England. Classes were enjoyable but after a while you thought it would be best to get your own place. Stop lynching off your parents and all. So you got this small comfy apartment that is near the Fray 's river, which was also close to your university. They were ecstatic to say the least, you getting a place to live meant more time for themselves. They were getting older and having there children there limited things they could do. They still helped you find this place though. So they aren 't wanting you completely gone from there live. For rent, your parents are paying half until you can balance off your part time job at a small cafe. Which is only a…show more content…
Sliding out of the amazing warmth that is your sheets. You walked over to your wardrobe and pick out your outfit for the day. Deciding on a white blouse and black skinny jeans. You walk into the kitchen making waffles for breakfast. It wasn 't too challenging to make. Your best friend Laura had showed you a while back how to make waffles and you have enjoyed making them. Even though some tested your patience You had grabbed toppings for the now done waffles. Eating them as fast as you cook due to you having to leave for work in a few minutes. Finishing your waffles you have to get to the train in 15 minutes. You went to the entryway of the small apartment, grabbing some black pumps and walk out. Making in to the cafe you went behind the counter. You luckily made it before any serious traffic came. You grabbed your apron writing pad and pen. "(y/n) can you wash the counter and the tables?" you hear a call from the kitchen. "Sure" You shout back going into the counter for a rag and cleaner. You had cleaned most of the tables before you hear the bell ringing signaling someone came in. Looking up your eyes met with beautiful emerald eyes, with bushy eyebrows. and a short mop of dirty blonde hair. To say he was unattractive would be a lie."You got tea?" "um yeah we have tea" You said looking down at the table which you were washing "good, earl gray please" He says sitting down at the table you just washed and opened up a book

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