Art : The Gallery Space

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One of the most important aspect of the art world is the gallery space, where they house and showcase the works of art itself. Space where there are works hung on the walls, sculptures on pedestals, and area where people can go in to observe and experience the works of art. There are tens and hundreds of gallery spaces in Toronto, and these galleries can generally be categorized in two separate groups : Institutional galleries, and commercial galleries. Art Gallery of Ontario, more popularly known as the AGO, and Diaz Contemporary Gallery greatly contrasts from each other although they are both gallery spaces with the purpose to show and exhibit artworks. While AGO serves as an institutional gallery with the goal to educate the public, Diaz contemporary works as a commercial gallery trying to market the works and their artists. The differences between their goals and aims can be seen in multiple elements such as the gallery space itself, the management, and their relationship with the public. The environment of these two galleries differ greatly. Let 's start with the simplest of them all, the location. AGO is located right in downtown core on the corner of Dundas street and McCaul avenue, walking distance from the major shopping centre, and it is right beside the art institute OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design University). AGO is located in area with higher human traffic and is easily noticed this can be related to their relationship with the public as it…

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