Art Therapy : A Positive Impact On Therapy

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The way art was found to have a positive impact on therapy is considerately recent, in fact, art therapy before the 1940s wasn’t considered as a profession, and it wasn’t until then, that people started taking notice of the many benefits or arts. Throughout the early 20th century, established psychiatrists would only focus their attention on the arts from those produced by their patients suffering from mental disease. It is also during that time, that educators started discovering how arts created by children, showed a development on emotional and cognitive growth. It’s from these discoveries that from the 1940s to the 1950s, hospitals, psychiatrist and clinics started using art therapy, in conjunction with talk therapies (Malchiodi, 2013) to help patients recovered from distinct illness. Through all this time, art therapy became heavily emphasized due to the validation of improved recoveries, health, and wellness of their patient. Consequently, art therapy became more and more acceptable as an effective and valuable method of communication, evaluation, and treatments for children and adults in numerous sceneries. Currently, art therapy is attracting considerable attention from the medical field such as counseling, education, arts, psychology and psychiatry (Malchiodi, 2013). Although art therapy was discovered mainly by professors in pursuit of ways to benefit children’s education, its value is not exclusive to just the classroom. Actually, art therapy can and is being used
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