Art Therapy And Graphic Design

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“We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there” (Kettering, qtd. in Quote Garden). How do we know what we want to do in our future? Having to decide the rest of life in only four years is a daunting and overwhelming task, but critically looking at possible future options can minimize this seemingly mammoth task. This is what I’m doing. Although I’m not positive about a future career, both art therapy and graphic design are appealing and possible options for me, but which is the better?
Art therapy is just what it sounds like, art combined with therapy. When stated like this it sounds easy and simple, however it is a quite complex and intricate occupation; like a professor trying to solve a complex equation, where the professor is the art therapist and he or she is trying to solve the problem the student is having. Specifically, an art therapist’s goal is to increase “self esteem, physical health and mental well-being” ("Art Therapist Education Requirements and Career Information.") and to gain insight about the individual by using the clients artwork as a pathway to the real problem. They do this by utilizing unique methods relating to artistic aspects. For example, a client who attends art therapy might use drawing, coloring, painting, sculpting or other artistic mediums ("Art Therapist Education Requirements and Career Information."). Through this therapists hope to help patients gain motivation in life…
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