Art Therapy And The Creative Process

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What is art therapy and does it really work? When one thinks of a therapist and an artist you think of two vastly different people. With therapy being a scientific, analytical study and art a very free and creative one, but when the two are combined they create a strong outlet for a lot of youth. Physical and mental health are very serious matters and are both subjects that children may find hard to talk about. Traditional therapy in some cases can have good outcomes, but for children it is easier to visualize their feelings rather that verbally speaking upon them. Children are considered to be visual learners and traditional therapy does not communicate the same way art therapy can. Many studies have shown that introducing art therapy into classrooms and hospitals can improve a child 's physical and mental well-being. One may still be wondering “what is art therapy?” to answer that question, here is a definition “Art therapy is the application of the visual arts and the creative process within a therapeutic relationship, to support, maintain, and improve the psycho social, physical, cognitive and spiritual health of individuals of all ages.” (Malchiodi, C. (2013).). With all this in mind it is hard to believe that many still do not look at this form of therapy to be taken seriously. To conduct therapy through art you must have an education behind it considering it is a profession in mental health . Some think that art therapy can be done by any art

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