Art Therapy Appeal Letter

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This is an appeals letter for the University Academic Appeals Committee. This is a letter of appeal for the summer Counseling Art Therapy Class with Phyllis Nodler. This was a hybrid class so I had been doing the pre- class work. As for class I was un- able to attend for medical reasons. I was sick starting in May and was in the E.R. on the 20th. I continued to have fevers and be ill and one of my doctors sent me back to the Boise E.R. on June 3rd. I had a spinal tap that day and was released. I continued to have fevers and was still ill, so I went back to the E.R. in Mountain Home on June 7th. They told me the spinal tap I had done showed Meningitis and I should have never been released; I was admitted. After that I was ambulanced to the
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