Art Therapy For Adult Coloring Books

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Samantha VanGeest Prof. Dickerson WRT 150 - 11 15 October 2016 Art Therapy in Adult Coloring Books Art therapy can be defined as a form of psychiatric rehabilitation which comprises of the inspiration of free expressiveness through coloring, sketching, and molding. Additionally, it gets used as a curative action or as an assistance to an individual’s analysis in regards to specific conditions. Coloring books were previously thought to be reserved for children and adults who undertook the activities with the children. The art therapy of coloring for adults has proven to be helpful. Most of the arts done under the therapy have found their way into the market, and additionally, the help they offer the adults who get involved. Being able to distract yourself from your daily problems, negative thoughts, and that fact that anyone can do it, are all reasons that this type of daily therapy should be used more often by adults and therapists treating adults. Using adult coloring books for therapeutic benefits from physical problems like cancer and high blood pressure has been proven to be good. According to Schwebel, adults using coloring books as art therapy is relaxing. Being involved in the coloring art therapy reduces anxiety and issues of blood pressure which is dangerous for an individual’s health. Additionally, it has helped people who have had traumatic experiences to overcome. They are able to do this through engaging in interesting events of paintings and drawings which

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