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Art Therapists are continuing to learn a tremendous amount from the way artistic expressions stimulate dialog with individuals who have a experienced a great deal of trauma. If an individual, for example a veteran, is challenged from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), they may find it nearly impossible to find words to describe traumatic events. In fact, the part of the brain that regards language shut downs when an individual is profoundly traumatized (Gussak and Rosal 83). Since art making is ultimately a non-verbal activity, many veterans are able to express themselves in a communicative way when words are not possible. Additionally, the activities implemented in Art Therapy can reconnect the parts of a traumatized individual’s brain over time. This allows the traumatized individual to eventually be able to talk about his or her experiences. Take two groups of individuals. One group only verbally speaks with each other while the other group verbally speaks while drawing pictures. The group verbally speaking while drawing pictures is likely to communicate two to three times more information than the group only verbally speaking (Malchiodi). Art has always been thought to come from the right side of the brain while language comes from the left side of the brain. It has now been discovered that making art is a whole brain activity, meaning it reconnects the right side of the brain…show more content…
It enhances quality of life and decreases depression. It improves cognitive thinking and reduces stress. Overall, Art Therapy not only helps individuals feel better through self-expression, but also acts as an outlet for relief from a crisis or loss (Figure 5). Most importantly, Art Therapy is available to everyone, regardless of artistic abilities. The creative process of art induces wellness and healing, and will continue to improve lives, one image at a time (Figure
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