Art Therapy Services For Children At Risk At The Hope Gardens Community Center

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As an intern art therapist, I provide art therapy services for children at risk at the Hope Gardens Community Center (HG) in Brooklyn, New York. Many children at HG are referred to therapy for various reasons such as anger, self-harm ideation and low self-esteem. Inner city children are sometimes exposed to societal, environmental, and domestic stressors, and those stressors can give rise to children’s behavioral and psychological problems (Camilleri, 2007). In this paper, I will discuss a client’s case revolving around the Attachment theory and Object relations theory.
Cindy (pseudonym) is an eight-year-old African-American female. She is in third grade and has attended the after-school program at HG. She was referred to art therapy by the after-school program teacher, due to her self-harm ideation and self-harm attempts. It is reported that she verbalized a desire to “disappear” and wished she did not “exist.” She scratched her arm to harm herself and threatened to smash her fingers in the door. The teacher also indicated that Cindy demands individual attention. Cindy’s mother mentioned that Cindy has a hard time opening up to anyone. She has no close friends and often expresses feelings that no one cares about her. She does not interact with strangers and wants to fight with her friends. When I observed Cindy in the classroom at HG, Cindy seemed to build a positive relationship with her peers; however, did not appear to have any close relationship with any one child.…
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