Art Will Make Your Kids Better Thinkers Analysis

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While reading both opinions on how art, whether it be music or paintings, does or does not improve cognitive ability, I’ve come to the conclusion that it does. The articles that were in favor of the arts had great points. They were able to state their point of view, while backing it up with research and scientific facts. The articles against the arts stated that they do not improve learning ability, but rather auditory and visual skills. Despite auditory and visual skills not directly improving a child’s learning ability, they are still a substantial part in child development. Even so, the author of the passage still acknowledged creative imagination’s potential to help a child perform better in learning assessments and IQ tests. Involving in art in the school system, whether that’s learning about it or having the students do it themselves, really can improve school performance in several ways, including heightening brain activity, making them more attentive and enhancing their wellbeing.…show more content…
A month later, the students were able recall the paintings they saw in great detail, and were able to sympathize, which allowed more interpretations of the art. In the article Science Says Art Will Make Your Kids Better Thinkers (and Nicer People), Jay P. Greene, a professor and researcher on the study had found "a big increase in how observant students were if they went to the art museum.” The improvement in their observation skills was immense from just one visit to the art museum. Compared to children that did not partake in the activity, “they were much better at seeing details in the new painting than those who did not go.” One trip to the museum had made great changes, imagine what a whole art program in the education system could
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