Art and 20th Century Technology Essay

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Art and 20th Century Technology

When asked to think of a kind of 20th century technology, the majority of people today would automatically picture the computer. The computer has surpassed all other types of machines before it. In approximately two decades, the computer has managed to contact almost every aspect of our lives. From small businesses who rely on PCs to Macintosh's famous Apples for students to promote computers in the classroom. Much of our lives have been recorded somehow on computer databases somewhere. Bank accounts, hospital records, and tax records are all kept on databases in the computer. Computers and computer programs have allowed for improvements in telematics, robotics and have allowed for the development of
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His prime example was hearing and how the latest sound technologies have drastically improved the quality of sound recordings with such examples as the introduction of synthesizers and relying on computers to do some forms of composing. However, with his discussion of technology in the visual arts, he primarily focused on how should utilize this new technology for artistic "...conservation, reproduction and the use of novel scientific methods for the study of art objects and for their restoration." This is only the beginning of all that might be accomplished with technology.

Many artists today would like to dismiss the use of computers in the creation of artwork because they view it as relying on the talents of the computer programmer who designed the computer rather then relying on only the talents of the artist. This argument is some what valid, however one can point out the artist has come to rely on many tools that allow for the artist to create new works of art that aren't necessarily the complete result of his/her talents. In my opinion, the computer is just that, another tool. The computer has allowed for so many new artistic experiences, that it should be accepted and utilized to its fullest capacity within the art world. There are so many new forms of creative expression that are made possible with computers that today's artist would be
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