Art and Activism Reflection Essay

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This was the first large scaled installation I did. It was definitely different as it was so practical and hands on. It was also a challenge as I was racing against time to complete it. As it is a contemporary work, I had someone help me construct it. I helped hold up the walls whilst it was secured or positioned correctly, I didn’t use the screwdriver or cut the wood, it was done by someone else. However, I did help whenever I could, I don’t think this means that this installation isn’t my work because I had help with it, because I believe in contemporary art, the concept is the thing that matters. Painting the walls and doors was actually the most exhausting thing, I initially used paintbrushes and small rollers which didn’t do a good…show more content…
Another problem I faced was getting enough mirrors, a few friends donated their mirrors and I went out to purchase some, but there weren’t enough mirrors on hand to get greater coverage on the walls. Nevertheless, the infinite reflection still occurs although it’s not so confronting, it still occurs when the person stands on an angle or stays long enough in the room to observe the reflections. The mirror room really did turn out the be something, no matter if the reflection was evident or not, it still gives the atmosphere of being distorted and entering another dimension, which is the effect I wanted to achieve. Especially with the ceiling on, the whole ‘house’ feels like a house and in the mirror room, that’s painted black, feels spacious although it isn’t a very big space. I believe this enhances the views experience, and I hope it really does. Overall, after all the rush, building, painting and decorating, the final result is very satisfying. I’m very proud of it as I feel that the concept and effects that I was trying to achieve was achieved. When people walk past and say how it looks like a house I feel like I’ve achieved the domestic effect and when my friends go through the rooms, they also tell me how it feels like they are walking through time and dimension. I also feel that is so, but to know that other people do too makes me feel that this was a successful installation, and I had great fun making it although it was very tiring
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