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“Two cures: making art visible” – review

Traditionally, art institutions endeavour to display true craftsmanship in respect to art practices for example painting, sculpture, print etc. The original format, as produced at the labour of the artist. Whether leaving the piece at the mercy of the public to analyse, or telling the story and intention by means of a curator. However, these institutions have long been avoided by the general public as they are believed to be elitist, leaving many works open for appreciation and acknowledgement by those learned and practised in the arts alone.
Art itself on the other hand, is becoming increasingly accessible in recent years as a result of the radical advance in modern technology and digitalisation. More and more artists are using internet domains and websites to publicise and display their work, without the "inconvenience" or "restrictions" of art museums, galleries etc. Their work, or rather images of their work, are so easily distributed and exposed with many people finding its accessibility more suitable, accommodating and favourable to approach and invest in.
This notion of context is described briefly in Boris Groys' esssay, "two cures: making art visible". It is in this essay that the question is raised, whether art in the institution, or art for the world wide web is the truest form of art and whether digital images need any sense of narration from a curatorial, exhibition context at all.…

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