Art and Music Lessons' Positive Effects on Children

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Many people in the world think that life would be nonsense without music. Music helps people in several ways and gives a meaning to their lives. For example, music can help someone to make money, relax, spend time, work or study. Furthermore, it mostly helps children to concentrate more. The times that they study while listen to music, helps their brain power to increase over time. The main problem is, most schools are trying to decrease their music classes since their principals think that music is not as useful as science and maths for student's academic process. Definitely, science and mathematics are very useful for students' academic development but with music the percentage of this development can increase without much effort.…show more content…
To achieve this improvement, in both IQ level and learning skills, all schools should increase music lessons. A second benefit is, music develops children's characteristics and personalities. Children find their characteristics, desires and life in music. Children have a long life ahead of them. They should make this life meaningful with their decisions and actions. These decisions are affected by children’s music choices very much. Music can help people to make right decisions because it makes them think more realistically. Maurice Elias, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Interdisciplinary Health in Rutgers University thinks that, music develops characteristic as much as it develops emotional and social skills (Elias). Schools should educate children on music choice because maybe at first, children cannot understand which one is beneficial for them or which one is harmful. Schools should not force them to listen to one kind of music all the time. They should teach all kinds of music and children should choose the type that they want to listen to because all people have different personalities and thoughts. These thoughts create the person's character and they cannot be changed with force, only person himself can change them. According to Gregory Blankenbehler, music builds character and help children to express themselves (Blankenbehler). When children choose the right type of music that
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