Art and Video Game

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Historically video games have been considered a novelty or technical subject, but in recent year given the increase in technology video games have been able to show that they are more. While not a traditional art form, video games do have an artistic basis. Video games are increasingly becoming more story and visually based. With these increased artistic elements it is increasingly becoming harder to deny that video games are art, but maybe they are not the art defined by a traditional definition. Critics state that that video games do not have the artistic values that art has but perhaps there needs to be a new definition of what art is to include video games. Art can be divide in to two different categories, “literacy arts,” art forms…show more content…
Saints Row, a game some would argue immature do to its use of juvenile humor and phallic weapon choices, is in fact a great example of video games maturing as an art form. As seen throughout the history of movies, there is a pattern of genre creation and criticism of the genre through spoofs and satirical works. Saints Row is an example of this development in video games, criticizing the gangster crime genre made notorious by Grand Theft Auto. This development in the genre is an example of a genre referring back to itself and poking holes in some of its conventions, a key element of a maturing medium. Traditionally art has been produced by a single artist, a major criticism of the notion that video games, a collaborative effort of a team, could be considered an art form. This criticism is limited to mainstream video games, though, since many independently developed video games are the works of a small team, as few as two, and they display the most artistic characteristics. Not burdened by the heavy costs of triple-a game development indie developers are able to put their hearts into their games and produce wonderfully artistic games and not worry about if it will sell to the widest audience. These games are evidence of the artistically heights video games can achieve. Video games are a collaborative art form created by a team instead of a singular artisan (Hall). That is not to say that
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