Art as a Mirror of Society

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ART AS A MIRROR OF SOCIETY Art is seen as mirror of our society. It is therefore a source of communication put into meaning by ones ideology and inspiration, which allows us to related to Art in our own way. Visual Arts evokes conversation and seeks to solve problems of creativity and visual communication which has become a dominant global, social, racial, political, religious and capitalist force. The commercialization and commodification of this Visual Art shapes perceptions of visual cultures and visual communication. Art is therefore a reflection of a society influenced by ones own self concepts and experiences. – Differences + Value = Meaning society puts to define differences. Though Art is popular culture,…show more content…
Though not hard and fast, I suggest that through this course, your ideology of Art, your execution of work will give precedence to the changing ideas of Visual Arts. Hopefully, this is characterized by the development of conceptual thought enabling the creative mental powers intrinsically and extrinsically. In this regard, Art is dynamic and demands much more than thought, as a contemporary way of life. Tradition has been broken as technology changes the visual experience. The course will focus on investigation and use of visual elements and principles of design. It helps in providing further investigation, exploration of art forms. These set ideas to inspire and invoke liberating ideas and innovative thinking to translate them into meaningful messages. ‘Art is Never Wrong’ – Kacy Witter. Having the basic understanding about Art and Art forms, becomes questionable as we use the basic elements and principles to define what we see necessary as Art. Popular culture as I shared before, through the postulation of John Fiske is ‘formed always in reaction to and never as part of the forces of domination.’ 1989. I can therefore say Art is technology, and technology is Art. The world view is investigated by ones view as being by that which ignites our fantasies. For want of a better phrase, what you like. It is therefore appropriate to introduce Art as broken down into sectors. The

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