Art in Raw Form

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Art in Raw Form The movie industry is for entertainment purposes. For many people, going to the movies is an escape; time to sit back and become someone else. However, once in a rare moment then a movie comes out that is not just foe entertainment and dares to address a controversial issue. “The Blind Side” and “Precious” are two movies that I was very surprised at my reaction to them. My reasons for wanting to see both movies were as different as night and day. I went to see the “Blind Side” because it is based on a true story and Sandra Bullock is the leading lady. Yet, “Precious” doesn’t have a famous leading lady, but the previews were so intense and so realistic that it pulled me in. “The Blind Side” and “Precious” are…show more content…
The coloring was bleak, with Precious’ dream sequences being done in bright flashy colors and high resolution” (Review). For instance, the scene where Precious is at the Each One, Teach One School. Here the colors are red, yellow, blue, and green, and as she walks down the hallway into the classroom she dissolves, she is double-exposed and the lighting turns bright, coppery and almost cloudlike. It’s as if it were saying that Precious is walking into an unknown world. There is also the scene where Precious is standing at the top of the stairs looking down at her mother. The overhead shot, the lighting and color were used to perfection to reflect a sense of power for Precious. Here, Precious was finally “on top”. Even the scenes where she is being raped by her father and then we are looking at pieces of meat sizzling in hot grease are representative of how Precious felt; she was just a piece of meat. The cinematography resembles that of a documentary where the use of the camera has a different style to give you that almost realistic feel. Its grainy look, hard zooms, and shaky angles add an element that dramatic angles might not in order fully bring out the Precious’ pain and desperation (Review). All the elements of this movie from the editing to the cinematography were superb together. “The acting, editing, music, cinematography worked beautifully together to tell one powerful story of redemption and hope in the face of impossible obstacles”
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