Art is Everywhere and Unique

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Art is found in almost everything and there are many reasons for this. Each piece of art has a different background story to why it came about because all art is unique and different. Just like humans, no art piece is exactly the same. It also depends on where the art was created. What influenced the artist to create the piece? The artist who created it may have been influenced by how they were feeling, or even the setting they were in as they created it. Does the art piece look like a depressing or happy painting? Maybe the artist who created it was it a dark place at the time or even extremely happy. However the art was created, it was created for a reason. Maybe it was created as a stress relief for the artist or maybe it was created as a deep symbolic reason? Could it have been created to be used for cultural traditions? The answer is yes, because much of the art around the world is created for its deeper symbolic reasons towards a cultural tradition. Japanese art is greatly used for cultural reasons every day. The art of Japan has been created not only for its beauty but also for a deeper symbolic reason. Japanese art has come alive through its cultural traditions. The art that is hidden within the culture has a great impact on how the traditions are carried and celebrated. Pieces of art that are hidden within the Japanese cultural traditions can be found in Japanese clothing, literature, food, performing arts, and architecture. In the Japanese
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