Art of Love

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The Art of Love, written by Ovid, was a set of three books, the first being a guide or rule book on how to “pick-up” women and the second book a rule book on how to keep the woman you have or “caught” satisfied and interested in you. The third and final book that he wrote was written for women on what to do to catch and keep a man, since he felt it was only fair for women to also be “armed” when it comes to picking- up men. The rules that Ovid describes in The Art of Love are similar to the rules that most people follow in the “cruising and catching” game because they are effective and produce results, although not all the rules described in Ovid’s book are still used, a great majority of them are and have not changed after so many years.…show more content…
Comparing what he wrote to experiences I have had, I would say they are very similar because I have gone to clubs with friends so that they could “cast their nets” and “catch” women. Being in a relationship for five years and going, I am able to relate more to Ovid’s book two which sets the “rules” to keeping the women that one has “caught”. I can relate more to that book because all the rules that he explained, I have done. All of the rules that h went over, such as letting her win at games, going to her whenever she needs you and if you have no transportation walk to where she is no matter what the weather is like. The similarities and differences between the “ways of the hunt” from now and then exist because throughout time, things have changed with society and how they view sex. I believe that the similarities exist because men and women have not changed since the time that he wrote the poem. The relationship between men and women has stayed the same throughout time in which no matter what men and women are still “wired” the same way and experience the same things every women or man will experience. An example of that would be from book three in which he tells women to fake their orgasm if the man can’t please them. That is an excellent example because in today’s time, women still fake orgasms to give their man a confidence boost and make

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