Art of Public Speaking - Essay

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More than just training

The Art of Public Speaking
A View from Impact Factory Robin Chandler and Jo Ellen Grzyb
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Art of public speaking This document covers hints and tips on public speaking and presentation skill, dealing with public speaking nerves and anxiety, public speaking skills and public speaking techniques, public speaking training. Fear of public speaking Why do we get public speaking anxiety? How to overcome fear of public speaking Building confidence in public speaking Public speaking training Hints and tips for effective public speaking Common fears of public speaking What happens when you have to speak in public? Did you know that public speaking tops the list of phobias for most people? Not
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You can distract yourself by paying attention to the environment in which you're speaking and seeing how you can make it work for you. +44 (0) 20 7226 1877 Copyright 2003

More than just training

Once you're actually in front of your audience, pay attention to them. If you can, notice how people are dressed, who's wearing glasses, who has on bright colours. There will be dozens and dozens of things you can pay attention to help you trick your mind into not noticing what's going on with you. Anything will do and you will find that the less you concentrate on how you are feeling and the more you concentrate on other things, the more confident you will feel. How to build confidence in public speaking Your audience can be your friend Unless you know you're absolutely facing a hostile group of people, human nature is such that your audience wants you succeed. They're on your side! Therefore, rather than assuming they don't like you, give them the benefit of the doubt that they do. They aren't an anonymous sea of faces, but real people. So to help you gain more confidence when speaking in public, think of ways to engage your audience. Remember, even if they aren't speaking, you can still have a two-way conversation. When you make an important point pay attention to the people who are nodding in agreement and the ones who are frowning in disagreement. As long as you are creating a reaction in your audience you are in charge. Keep them awake
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