Art of Public Speaking

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Lucas: The Art of Public Speaking, 8/e PREFACE If it is true, as Walter Pater said, that “a book, like a person, has its fortunes,” then fortune has indeed smiled upon The Art of Public Speaking. As the book enters its eighth edition, I am deeply appreciative of the students and teachers who have made it the leading work on its subject at colleges and universities across the United States. In preparing this edition, I have retained what readers have identified as the main strengths of previous editions. The book continues to be informed by classical and contemporary theories of rhetoric but does not present theory for its own sake. Keeping a steady eye on the practical skills of public speaking, it offers full coverage of all…show more content…
Much more than a manner of winning friends and influencing people, it is a vital mode of civic engagement through which people express their ideas and influence their society. I have rewritten the opening pages of Chapter 1 to make this point more explicitly than in previous editions--partly through the addition of a new section titled “The Tradition of Public Speaking,” and partly through the reworking of existing material. This new emphasis seeks to provide a sharper intellectual foundation for the book and for the public speaking course in general. Plagiarism and the Internet When it comes to plagiarism, no subject causes more confusion--or more temptation--than the Internet. Because it is so easy to copy information from the Web, many students do not understand the lines between plagiarism and the legitimate use of Internet materials. Nor are they necessarily aware of the need to cite sources when using such materials. To address these concerns, I have added a new section to Chapter 2 titled “Plagiarism and the Internet.” In addition to explaining how to avoid inadvertent plagiarism when working with the Internet, this section addresses the problem of websites that sell complete speeches and papers. Here, as elsewhere in the book, I emphasize the importance of firm ethical standards in
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