Art with Science: The Italian Renaissance and Art

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“No painter can paint well without a thorough knowledge of geometry” (qtd. in Butterfield 27). The Italian Renaissance is famous for its art which includes unique style of painting and sculpting, however, the Renaissance made significant remark on the use of scientific techniques which also can be considered as the influence of classical ideas. Although, classical ideas were not advanced like in the Renaissance, it provided the foundation for the Renaissance to revive it again. The Italian Renaissance transformed the manner of viewing the arts. Before, most people in Italy were bounded by religious thoughts and beliefs. Renaissance helped people to shift their mind and behavior towards the secular ideas, instead of vague ideology like…show more content…
They began to paint and sculpt human bodies which needed specific techniques of scaling and math. Historian William J. Connell, La Motta Chair in Seton Hall University, describes the common artistic features between Classical age and Renaissance. He explains, “Freestanding, larger-than-life-size statues of human beings were sculpted for the first time since antiquity” (3). During the Classical age, huge statues of human could be found in the history in which scientific ideas were required to design and to sculpt it appropriately. Artists of Renaissance revived the way of sculpting as well as painting of Greek and Roman culture where they used techniques from math as well as science. The influence of classical culture transformed the art and the way of making it by using scientific knowledge of drawing and sculpting, and provided it a sense human importance on the artistic works.
Humanism became the dominant ideology in the Renaissance where artists looked on themselves. They started illustrate human emotions through their paintings and sculptures. They emphasized on human feelings and made many statues which portrayed anger, love, hate, etc. Goldstein, a professor in art history, describes about the secular ideas of humanism. Several artists wrote about humanism which includes broad moral ideas as well as visual art (641). Humanism helped people to realize the moral values and its use in art People happened to think about morality which
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