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Compare and Contrast Duccio, Madonna and Child - Gauguin, La Orana Maria Madonna and Child is a panel painting by Italian medieval artist Duccio di Buoninsegna. Painted in tempera and gilded on a wood panel in around the year 1300, the Madonna and Child is still in its original engaged frame. The fact that it was in private hands and out of public circulation for years might be why the painting is basically intact after 700 years. The craftsmanship and preservation are simply amazing. The damaged lower edge of the frame is charred where devotional candles may have tipped over. The Madonna and Child is presently part of a special exhibition "The Philippe de Montebello Years: Curators Celebrate Three Decades of Acquisitions" in…show more content…
Soon after his death his work became more valuable. Gauguin paintings rarely go up for sale but their price could go as high as $39 million. In The Orana Maria, Gauguin was depicting Tahitian life and he used an intense tropical color palette of reds and purples. Duccio’s Madonna and Child used the Byzantine mosaic style color scheme of rich blue, red and gold backgrounds. The Duccio and the Gauguin were both signed by the artist in the lower right hand corner of the painting. The title of la Orana Maria is actually painted in the lower right hand corner of the painting in a bright orange box. In the Orana Maria you can see the texture of the oil paint on the canvas from the brush that was used. The Madonna with Child is a panel painting. “A carpenter would construct a solid wood piece the size of the panel needed. It would be planed and sanded and if needed, joined with other pieces to obtain the desired size and shape. The wood would be coated with a mixture of animal-skin glues and resin and covered with linen (the mixture and linen combination was known as a "size"); this might be done by a specialist, or in the artists’ studio. Once the size had dried, layer upon layer of gesso would be applied, each layer sanded down before the next applied, sometimes as many as 15 layers, before a smooth hard surface emerged, not unlike ivory.” However impeccably preserved you can still see the cracks and aging of the paint used in

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